Welcome to the Tennessee Men’s Gymnastics Judges Association Website

Welcome to the Tennessee Men’s Gymnastics Judges Association Website

Welcome to the Tennessee Men’s Gymnastics Judges Association WebsiteWelcome to the Tennessee Men’s Gymnastics Judges Association Website

TNGJA Policies


It is imperative that judges have a good understanding of the Code of Points and have in their possession the current FIG and NGJA interpretations.  The JO Program is very important to the development of top level gymnasts in this country and it is essential that we have the best evaluation of the routines.  The coaches and athletes work hard and are entitled to the best evaluation we can give them.  Judges need to arrive 30 minutes before each session.  The purpose of this is to assure the meet director that the judges have all arrived for the meet and for judges to take the time to observe warm-ups and note any unusual skills or combinations the gymnasts are doing.  Judges also need to remain present for 15 minutes after the final score has been posted in case a score change is needed.

Be fair, be consistent, and strive for accuracy.  It is important to remember that it is our job to evaluate the routines and rank the gymnasts.  It is not our job to teach lessons or coach the gymnasts.  We need to evaluate the routines as accurately as possible and any specific comment a judge has for the gymnast or coach should be directed to them after the competition.  A coach should not approach a judge during the competition and after the meet judges do not have to talk to any coach about scores.  However, common courtesy would dictate that a judge take the time to discuss their evaluation so that the gymnast can improve his score at the next meet.   Any problems you may have with a coach during the competition should be directed to the designated Meet Referee.

At each sanctioned event judges must sign the sanction form and include their USA Professional Number.

Judges cannot put "pending" on the sanction form. 

Attire:  The TNGJA will follow the attire requirements of the NGJA.  Men should wear gray slacks, blue sports jacket, light colored shirt, tie and dark shoes.  Women should wear either gray or blue pants or skirt, blue jacket, light colored shirt and dark shoes.


At all competitions there will be one judge that is designated as the Meet Referee.  It will be the job of the Meet Referee to coordinate the judges at the competition and to work with the Meet Director on judge accommodations, travel, and fees.   The Meet Referee will be the final voice concerning any scoring issues or problems that may arise with coaches, parents or gymnasts.