Welcome to the Tennessee Men’s Gymnastics Judges Association Website

Welcome to the Tennessee Men’s Gymnastics Judges Association Website

Welcome to the Tennessee Men’s Gymnastics Judges Association WebsiteWelcome to the Tennessee Men’s Gymnastics Judges Association Website



At JO meets each judge will fill out an invoice, which will include payments for each session, mileage, meals, rooms, or any other expense, which the judge might incur.  The judge has an obligation to ensure that their form is completed correctly.  This invoice will then be submitted to the Meet Referee who will then submit them to the Meet Director for payment.  Payment will be distributed to judges before departing the competition.  It is also the responsibility of each judge to report any taxable wages to the State and/or IRS for income tax purposes.  Judges will be given an invoice at the beginning of the season.  Please make copies of these forms for future use:  2020 TNGJA Fee Structure.pdf

Session Fees:  The Fee Structure above is based on a National Template developed by the NGJA.  It counts the number of compulsory and/or optional gymnasts competing in an individual session and multiplies them by the pay rate for the official.  There are three pay rates: Brevet, National and Junior Olympic.  It also takes into consideration the competition format of the meet.  In Tennessee, a Modified Capital Cup format adds 30% to the fee.

Interns:  $50.00 per session, no overage and no expenses for meals or mileage. The Intern Fee is not charged to the host gym, it is incurred by the TNGJA.

Mileage Reimbursement:  Mileage will be paid at the current annual IRS rate $0.58 for mileage over 30 miles one way.  Judges should at all times arrange carpools with other judges living in the same city when driving to out of town meets.  Carpool passenger judges will collect rider fees at a rate of $0.174 (30% IRS rate).  Assistance with carpools can be coordinated with the Association Assigner.  Mileage cannot be charged in excess of the price of a 21-day advance purchase round trip airline ticket.  Flight arrangements should be made in conjunction with the Association Assigner.

Meals:  $45 per day
$12.00 Breakfast          $15.00 Lunch           $18.00 Dinner

  • Breakfast can be charged if the judge leaves home before 7:00am. 
  • Dinner can be charged if the judge drives past 7:00pm.
  • Reimbursements are not made if the host gym provides all required meals.

Lodging:  Lodging will be arranged by the meet host for judges that need to drive more than two hours to be at a meet by 8:00am or leave a meet after 9:00pm.  Judges should also be prepared to share a hotel room with another judge.

For Meet Hosts - Assignment Fees
The host gym must pay a fee of $1.00 per entry within 30 days of the meet.  In order to avoid unknown costs and to better estimate meet expenses, the Meet Host can contact the Judges Assigner for an estimate of judging costs for their competition.  In order to do this, the Meet Host would have to know a reasonable estimate of the number of gymnasts competing, number of sessions, and type of sessions.